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Transformers and stuff

So we took the kids to see Transformers on the 4th. They've been wanting to see it so badly, and we decided to go late when everyone would be in bed for work Thursday.

All I can say is it's a really good....commercial. That's basically all it is. One giant commercial. And Bumblebee as a stupid Camaro? If they were going to change him from a bug they could have at least made him something cool, like a TA. But, since it was mainly a GM commercial(and they forked out a lot for it), I guess they couldn't go using Pontiacs. The plot isn't even original, it's got about the dumbest story line I've ever seen, and I swear the all-spark thing was totally stolen from Star Trek- as anyone who has ever seen the Borg will immediately know upon seeing Transformers. It's like they put together as crappy a storyline as they could get away with, just counting on the effects to carry the movie- which, they ARE doing, and doing well.

The effects were fantastic though, and I'd see it again just for those.

An old friend got in touch with me the other day, one of my best friends ever, who moved to AZ after getting out of the Navy. His mom hates me and has always said he never wanted to hear from me, but that's not true. I'm really happy to have gotten back in touch with him.

In other news, it's hot like hell here, and I think I'm going to go swimming.

 Please don't leave a message telling me how wrong I am about the movie, I don't care what you think about it, and you aren't going to change my mind. I didn't leave ranty messages in anyone's LJ who loved the movie, so have the same respect, or I'll delete your message, thanks. I'm using all my tolerance on the kid I've been babysitting, and I have none left for anything else.


Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers! Hope you have a great day!


I spent 10 minutes today trying to get a white spot off one of my contacts before I realized that it was a reflection of sunlight coming in through the window.

My allergies have been KILLING me. I don't know wtf it is, but my throat and eyes have been itching like crazy.

It's been one of those days.

At least I accomplished cleaning up my groups list on LJ- ditched a bunch of never-used or redundant groups on here that were taking up space.

Now, I must be watching of the Xena with the kids, hah.


Xmas was good, got to see vicsilver and her hubby. They had to leave too soon, though. Got lots of goodies, new computer and 19 inch flat monitor from Joe, along with a new ring: Yay!

He also got me season 8 of the X-Files. He said he had to guess high (I only had 1-3) because he wasn't sure what I had. Then my brother told me Sunday that Best Buy had the X-Files seasons for $19.99 each, so I went over and finished off my collection. Now I can give the_smoking_man back the three of his seasons I have, and I don't have to steal his any more.

I'm a slacker and still have to mail out the little package Lowen put together for pallid_regina. Hopefully she'll get it sometime in 2007.

Joe had his last day at 3M yesterday, and starts work at the new place on the 15th. He swears he's going to get the bathroom done during this time. It certainly would be nice!

And now back to the X-Files, since I have a little more than a week's worth of watching if I add up all the seasons. If I was doing it continuously. Which I'm not.

Syrupy things

Guess what I got in the mail today!?!?

Syrup. Syrup that duobis has been promising to send me for about 5 or 6 years now LOL. Talk about a surprise, I started laughing when I opened it because it was so unexpected.

Thanks so much, Chris. Hope you and your family had a good holiday!!

*loves and hugs and kisses*

I've been saying it for years.

There's just too much pressure being put on tiny little kids, who hardly even get the chance to BE kids anymore- and no, this isn't isolated. The majority of schools are like this atm, and more are going this route every day. Scary, and it's the kids who suffer.

I'm so glad we homeschool!

My uncle's on here!

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We just got done watching "alien PLanet'. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. It's pretty cool. I liked the Grovebacks.
Pastor leaves after church turns away biracial boy

SALTILLO - Twelve-year-old Joe recently asked Jesus to live in his heart.

Yet the church where Joe accepted his Savior not even two weeks before will no longer allow the biracial boy to enter.

On Aug. 6, during its scheduled Sunday night business meeting, Fellowship Baptist Church in Saltillo voted not to accept blacks within the church. More specifically, the congregation also voted Joe out and said he could not return.

That evening Fellowship Baptist did not just say goodbye to Joe and an entire race of humans. With that decision the church's pastor, the Rev. John Stevens, resigned, and at least one other family decided not to return to the Baptist Missionary Alliance congregation that averages 30 people.

The church was "afraid Joe might come with his people and have blacks in the church," Stevens said. "I could not go along with that. There would always be a wall between us, so I resigned that night."

Cliff Hardy, an officer with the Tupelo Police Department, left the church, too. He and his family had been going to Fellowship Baptist for about a year and had been praying about becoming members there.

"I was asking the Lord to lead us," Hardy said.

The police officer says there are good people at Fellowship Baptist, and the Bible was preached there.

However, "You see, my best friend is a black man," he said. "I wouldn't be comfortable going to a place where I couldn't ask my best friend to go to church with me."

Hardy says he knows there are still a lot of folks who are not comfortable with people from other races, there is still a lot of holdover from the past, there is still a lot of fear.

"But that's not what Christ died for," he said. Jesus' death and resurrection "is supposed to be a uniting force, not a separating thing."

We're all God's children

In July Joe moved in with his uncle and aunt, Saltillo residents Jason and Melinda Kirk. The Kirks, who had been attending Fellowship Baptist for almost five months, were Joe's temporary guardians until recently, when his stepmother moved here from Ohio.

During the week of July 23-26, Fellowship Baptist held revival services, and on July 26, Joe became a Christian.

The following Sunday, people at the church asked the Kirks if they would become members, and the family started praying about it.

The next Sunday morning, Aug. 6, the Kirks went to church. When company arrived at their house that afternoon, they decided not to go to the 143-year-old church that night.

Later that evening, the Kirks received a phone call from their pastor, Stevens, who said Joe had been voted out of the church and could not come back. The minister, 72, who has now retired, said he had resigned from the church over the decision.

Joe overheard the telephone conversation.

"We explained to him that everybody didn't feel like that," Melinda Kirk said. "But it really bothered him. He felt like our pastor had to quit his job because of him."

The Kirks reassured their nephew that Stevens was just standing up for what is right.

"People have got to realize we're all God's children," Jason Kirk said. "It's not God so loved the white people; it's God so loved the world."

Since Stevens' resignation, one church member who was not at the Aug. 6 meeting has called the former pastor and told him he was in favor of what he did. Stevens estimates 80 percent of the church is against having blacks in the congregation.

"It's between them and God," police officer Hardy said. "I love those folks, but I can't agree with them."

Fellowship Baptist Church members were contacted for this article but declined to comment.

Check out this video!

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis!

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. This guy is my new hero. Plus, I can't get this song out of my head.