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Reposted from a group:

My Little Golden Book About Zogg

and this is from one of my oh-so-funny friends:

Baby Cages!

Federal Marriage Protection Act


Ugh. Sign up so they can add a postcard in your name to the postcards of other sane people around the US who name this what it is: discrimination, and trash.

I ended up seeing TDVC this weekend after all. My brother Matt cornered me when I went to my Grandma's house and told me (basically) that I was going to see the movie with him. He bought my ticket and I drove him home. I did try to give him momey for the ticket, but he wouldn't take it. Stubborn ass.

We both really liked the movie- not as well as the book, but movies really never are as good. The ticket girl told us that the religiousites had been there earlier again, but they were gone by the time we got there. She also said that they had actually BROUGHT IN business to the movie instead of driving it away. Haha. Matt and I thought that was just great. Any moron who thought about it would have known that would happen.

I know I've said it before, but we were talking about it after the movie, how those people must be really insecure in their own faith and in their religion. If they are that worried about people making up their OWN MINDS, it doesn't seem they have much faith in their own religion. It's not like I'm saying they should, but still. Someplace, deep down, they know it just doesn't hold up under scrutiny. I can't even say intense scrutiny, because it doesn't have to be intense to see all the holes.

Is it bad of us that we cracked up when we saw Doc Oc as the what's-his-name? We couldn't help ourselves. I spent a good portion of the first 10 minutes irritating him with gems like 'I will smite you with my extra arms of faith!'

I should probably be muzzled at movies.

If this is accurate...


...that's just fucked up.

I hate people. I don't know if I've said that today or not.

Holy shit!

Reasons not to send your kid to work at a fast-food joint

That just boggles my mind. How could the manager be so STUPID?? I hope that kid gets millions from McD's


Woo! Marie is here. We got all dressed up and went trick-or-treating with the kids, but washed off all our makeup and stuff before going out to eat. Fortunately, we got a picture of the kids before any of them got out of their stuff:

Chandler (brother's gf's son), Owen (minus his Dementor mask and hood), Maci (my cousin;s daughter) and Lauren.

Many thanks and hugs and love to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!

Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday, mynthe!!!!



I don't know where I got this...

You Are Creepy


Serial killers would run away from you in a flash.

I guess I'm creepy hehe.

In other news....my sis-in-law told me today that Joe's older brother Chris had told her parents some new and exciting news about their loony mom. (background- Joe and Chris have the same mom and dad, Sarah has the same dad, different mom. Joe and Chris' mom is whacked, and Sarah's mom kicks ass)

Apparently, Dagmar (Joe and Chris' mom) is moving out of Cheviot and into Clifton because- this is great- her equally-crazy-but-in-different-ways boyfriend doused her in gasoline and tried to set her on fire.

I'll stop here before I say some things people will tell me I'm a horrible person for, just because I don't feel like wading through nasty comments. But...yeah. You know

Sports question

Any of you sports people out there, can you answer this question?

Who is Cleveland's all time basketball leader in assists?

A. John Bagley
B. Foots Walker
C. Terrell Brandon
D. Mark Price

TIA for any help!